Welcome to Vertical Roads

Vertical Roads is created as homage to the places I have been to, and the things I have photographed. This isn’t going to be about me, and as such, you won’t find photos after photos of myself or other people in silly and self-degrading poses, for that matter. Forget about selfies too. My experiences will play a negligible part in each of the posts, but do expect a generous dose of my viewpoints and knowledge-sharing. And while this blog probably won’t win awards or gain much recognition, much less last even a few years, this is going to be a genre of its own. Consider this your alternative travel blog.


Travels of course deals with my sojourns, although the casual traveler may not be too interested with those that involve some hiking, and vice versa. This section will also feature my past travels which I am going to include here mainly for posterity; it is up to you, the reader, to find some nuggets of ideas and sense out of them.


Stop, look, and click features snap shots from places I have been. This is going to be the most varied among the sections, and you can expect photos ranging from animals and plants to architecture and some others that verge on the mundane. Entries here are going to be trite.


Vantage points is where I am going to express my sentiments on diverse subjects- that includes suggestions, musings, rants, and all.

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