The waterfalls of Imugan

June 8, 2017

Imugan is a municipality in Nueva Vizcaya that borders the nearby province of Pangasinan, and is one of the ancestral domains of the Kalahan. Notable is the near pristine state of the environment, with its residents clearly aware of the importance of maintaining the balance and its role in their lives. Perhaps the most well-known of Imugan's natural attractions is its waterfall, which is only 1.3 km from the road and can be reached within 30 minutes. The trail actually runs parallel to the river and all throughout, visitors will hear the sound of gushing waters as they make their way. However, on the same trail one will also notice extensive plantations of the cash crop chayote (Sechium edule), or 'sayote' in Tagalog. Nevertheless, the effects of these to the environment appears rather insignificant- unless the residents begin contemplating expansions.


From a distance, the shimmering waterfall beckons.



 The flowering plant is Begonia macgregorii, and is among the most luxuriant in growth that I have ever seen.

 This is Alpinia oblonga (Family Zingiberaceae). I thank Duke Rudolph for its identification.

 A species of Amomum (Family Zingiberaceae); Mark Naive suggested its nearness to A. muricarpum. Some ginger flowers do resemble orchids, don't you think?

 A phasmid (stick insect) in the undergrowths.

 The waterfall up close.

 There is a series of trails going up to the higher levels of the waterfall and into the dense forest beyond. Below is a shot taken from above the main waterfall.

 And then there is another smaller cascade:


 The dense and still dark forest; it was a little past 6 in the morning when my girlfriend and I reached this place.


 Further up was this cascading turbulence, a bit on the right, middle of photo:



 As usual, Menzie's with us...





 This is the river that goes straight to town, fed by the waterfalls behind us.


 It is fortunate that Imugan is spared from what we call 'development' as the Kalahan strictly disallows the setting up of establishments that can and will affect their way of lives. That means that this waterfall will probably remain as it is as it did eons before.


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